Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pizzelle Cookies!!

Dolce DeLuca
480.497.8256 or 480.226.0716

We are taking orders for homemade Italian Pizzelle cookies!

Anise (traditional flavor) $5.00 per dozen
Pizzelles are traditionally flavored with anise, giving them a bold licorice flavor. Anise pizzelles have been enjoyed for generations from Old Italy to modern times. If you like the flavor of anise, you'll love these cookies!

Vanilla $5.00 per dozen

Almond $5.00 per dozen

Chocolate Hazelnut $5.00 per dozen

Orange Rum $5.00 per dozen

Gingerbread $5.00 per dozen

Fall Flavors:

Cranberry $5.00 per dozen
Pumpkin $5.00 per dozen
Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Try our new Filled Pizzelle Cookie! See picture above. We have taken our pizzelle and filled with a chocolate hazelnut filling, dipped edges in chocolate and toppings. Delicioso!! Let us know if you would like another flavor combination. Great Hostess gift idea!!

Anise with Chocolate hazelnut filling $10.00 per dozen
Vanilla with Chocolate hazelnut filling $10.00 per dozen
Pumpkin with Chocolate hazelnut filling $10.00 per dozen

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